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About us is a portal for education industry in Singapore. aims to be a portal of choice for parents / students to search for Private / Home Tutors, Education / Tuition Centres and Student Care Centres.

For parents / students searching for private / home tutors
We seek to do things differently from many other tuition portals / agencies. Instead of a website / portal administrator doing the matching between students and private tutors, you (parents / students) will have to do your own search (with our easy-to-use Search function) and contact or email your preferred / shortlisted private tutors using the Contact Form on the respective Private Tutor listing page(s).

This way, you will have more transparency and able to do your own shortlisting instead of someone else (website / portal administrator) doing it for you for which you will have no clarity / transparency how the matching is done. Arising from this aspect of this portal, we do not charge private tutor a commission / fee for a successful match. Hopefully, this will encourage private tutors to pass any cost saving (from commission / fee usually paid to tuition portals / agencies) to you.

We charge private / home tutors a small annual listing fee as opposed to a commission / fee for each successful match.

In the Private Tutor listing page, each tutor has indicated a preferred time to call him / her for enquiry, we ask that you respect his / her (tutor) preferred time as he / she may be in the midst of tuition sessions outside the preferred time that he / she has indicated.

For parents / students who STILL WANT website / portal Administrator to do matching
If you (parents / students) STILL WANT our staff (website / portal Administrator) to do the matching between student and tutors listed on, we can / will still do so for a non-refundable Administrative Fee of $50 payable upfront (by parents / students).

Some of the key terms and conditions of this (alternative) service of website / portal Administrator to do matching include:

1. Administrative Fee is based on a single student assignment basis (defined as per subject per level basis). For example, English Secondary One and NOT All Subjects Secondary One or English Secondary One to Four, etc.

2. Website / portal Administrator will use REASONABLE effort and within REASONABLE time frame to do matching between parent / student and tutor(s) listed on

3. A successful match (and administrative fee is fully earned and therefore no claims shall be made by parent and / or student thereafter) is defined when parent (acting for his / her child) or student agrees to attend first lesson by tutor.

4. If you have paid the abovementioned administrative fee for us to do the matching, you agree that you will not subsequently or in the meantime do your own search on and thus circumvent the work / effort of our administrator.

For parents / students searching for education / tuition centres and / or student care centres
For education / tuition centres, you can easily search by centre name, district and / or street name (where the centres are located in) and / or subjects, levels (lower primary, upper primary, etc), etc.

For student care centres, you can easily search by centre name, district and / or street name (where the centres are located in), etc.

For private tutors, education / tuition centres AND student care centres who would like to list on this website / portal
We make it easy for you (Private / Home Tutors, Education / Tuition Centres and Student Care Centres) to input text / upload images which will then be displayed on your Tutor or Centre Listing page(s) and / or Lesson or Class Listing page(s) on Visitors to this portal will find the information easy to read.

In addition, there are many advertising spaces (banner advertisement sliders, static banners and spaces) and Featured advertisement spaces available on the various pages of this portal.

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